About us

We are miners, ICO investors, crypto enthusiasts, Hodlers, journalists, translators, and from this moment, we also ship the coolest crypto apparel collections from the market. Shortly, our life is Crypto. 

Step by step, we have walked through different paths of the Crypto Market. We have evolved a lot. Our website has grown and is now among the first 13.000 websites in the US!

We have an active and big community on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and have more than 60.000 monthly views on our website. Our team has accomplished many productive partnerships with ICOs, websites and projects.

And now we want to delight our community with our cool collection! We are thrilled by what we are doing. We have received already a lot of messages of encouragement and we will continue to develop this shop!

We are grateful to receive your feedback and improve our shop. Our only goal is to meet all your expectations.

Send us your feedback/proposals at contact@coinmessenger.net